Paycom is Krucial Rapid Response's new human capital management (HCM) and payroll solution that replaces Workday starting in 2023. 

Paycom Multi-Device Preview

Important Note: your 2022 Form W-2 will stay in Workday! It will NOT be in Paycom.

Will all of my information get transferred over?
The ONLY information that will be transferred are demographics (name, SSN, contact information, and employment dates) and direct deposit information. You will need to make new withholding/tax elections. Only information for those paid in 2022 will be in Paycom.
How do I login?
Login information will be sent out to individuals that were paid or hired in 2022 around January 1, 2023. Please be patient as we work to ensure information is correct.
Where will my 2022 Form W-2 live?
The form will be issued from Workday and will stay there. No forms will be transffered to Paycom.
Will my employee ID remain the same?
All employees will receive new employee IDs.
I received a message about December 24th being paid on December 30th, but what about the period running December 17-23?
That period will also be paid on the 30th as it is the regular pay day. We referenced only the 24th as it is the last day on the old pay week.