Healthcare Staff: Timesheets must be submitted to by noon MONDAY. You must CC your recruiter on all timesheet submissions.

Interfaith/Kingsbrook Staff: Please sent timesheets to by noon MONDAY. You must CC your KOR and Recruiter on all timesheet submissions.

Late Timesheets: All timesheets received after payroll has been processed will be paid out the following Friday.


Timesheet Rejections: 

Please ensure you are completing your timesheet accurately and following the below guidelines. Incorrect timesheets are subject to rejection and will not be processed until a correction is provided. This may result in delayed payment.


Please fill in all contact and identification information listed at the top of the timesheet.                          

Dates: Please ensure that all dates are filled out based on our pay period of shifts starting on SUNDAY through shifts ending on SATURDAY.

Position/Class: Write in the position or class you are currently working as.

Time In/Out & Military Time Format: Please fill in the exact Time In/Out that you are on duty. Please do not round. Fill in Time In/Out columns using Military Time Format.

Break Notation: You must notate a break. If you do not take a break, please write N/A. Please write the total duration of your break. You do not need to write the time in/out of your break. Note: The break column has moved between the Time In/Out time columns. Please ensure you are completing your timesheet as you go to avoid errors.

Supervisor Signature and Dates: Please ensure that your supervisor initials the right-hand column after the completion of each shift. After completing your last worked shift of the pay period, you and your supervisor will sign and date the bottom of the timesheet. If the signature is missing or is dated before your last worked shift has been completed, the timesheet will not be processed until the signature has been corrected.

Minimum Hours and Notes: If you are below your contracted minimum hours, please circle the reason listed at the bottom of the notes section. Additionally, if you have called or requested off, please notate this on the date the absence occurred. Please ensure you are notifying your recruiter of any schedule changes.