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Getting to the Payment Elections screen

Go to the Pay application
Click on Payment Elections

The next screen will display a table with two sections. The first section contains the account(s) currently on file if any, and the second section contains the actual payment elections that determine where payments go.

PLEASE NOTE: there are TWO PARTS to this screen:

The Accounts section

And the Payment Election section

Adding a new account

To add a new account, click on the Add button

Replacing an account

We highly recommend that you replace the current account with your new account instead of going through the process of adding and then removing the old one. To do this, click on Edit on the right-hand side of the Accounts table. 

Splitting your paycheck

Click on the Edit button on the right-hand side of the Payment Elections table.

  1. Next, click on the Plus button
  2. Then add the necessary information and select the other bank account
    1. NOTE: you must either select an amount OR a percentage that must equal 100% with the account that was already there.
    2. The account on the bottom must have either balance or a percentage.
  3. Click on the orange OKbutton
  4. You can confirm that your elections were submitted by viewing the Payment Elections table after hitting OK