WORKDAY NOTICE: Updates need to be made from an internet browser (Safari or Google Chrome) on a phone or computer.

Disclaimer: Krucial Rapid Response, Inc. and its officers, employees, representatives, or affiliates are unable to provide tax or legal advice. Please consult a tax accountant or other tax professional to determine which decision will best meet your needs.

Updates need to be made on an internet browser (Safari or Google Chrome) on a phone or computer.

Got to the Pay application
Click on Withholding Elections

Your next screen will have different tabs you can change. Select the jurisdiction you wish to update. Click Update to make changes.

How do I complete my federal or state withholding form?


Federal Tax Election

Select the effective date or click OK.

Please note: backdating the effective date will NOT affect previous pay periods or paychecks. It will only affect paychecks after the date you submit changes.

Make sure you scroll all the way down to check the I Agree to the Legal Notice box. You will not be able to continue without this step. Click the orange OK button when finished. A message will appear confirming your selections were successfully submitted.

State Tax Election

Switch to the State Election tab

Next click on the gray Update button at the bottom of the screen

Select the state you wish to complete a withholding election form for, then the specific form (if applicable), and click OK.

Make the updates you wish to make, check the legal disclosure box, and click the orange OK button.

Many states require that Krucial verify the withholding form an employee submits. You may get to the screen below which means that your election is pending Krucial Payroll approval. DO NOT resubmit your withholding election as it will create duplicates.

Workday will notify you once a Payroll representative has approved or rejected your withholding election.